Jewelry Care

Cleaning and Maintaining Jewelry

Clean your jewelry with a soft cotton cloth or jewelry cloth. Soak metals (including gold-plated items) in a mild solution of water, dish soap, and ammonia. Rinse, then dry completely.

Many people's body chemistry turns metals colors. To slow this chemical reaction, periodically paint the back side of your jewelry with clear nail polish.


If your item arrives broken, contact us with your name, phone number, order number, and a brief description of the problem within 3 days. Send information along with your original invoice to:

While we do not do chain repair, here are some tips for keeping your jewelry chains in great shape:
  • Do not sleep in chains
  • Be gentle when handling your chains
  • Avoid chain repair, as soldering creates new tension places on each side of the solder. These places wear the chain harder than the original flexible chain links and more breakage happens! (This is why reputable jewelry stores cannot guarantee chain repairs.)