Gail's Articles

Here are tid-bits of wisdom that I have discovered over the years about life, organization, and planning for large events. May they be useful to you!

BAASN - Be Angry And Sin Not
Ephesians 4:26a tells us to “Be angry and sin not.” This indicates there is a correct way to be angry. How can that be?! I am not an expert on Biblical interpretation, but I will share insights about the freedom I have discovered concerning this verse...continue reading

The Football Field of Your Mind
Are your thoughts are so busy? Will they not be still? At least while you focus on the tasks at hand? You have prayed about everything (Philippians 4:6,7) and the God of peace is doing His job, but your mind does not stay still!! Here is a method I have developed for myself to assign a place for each thought...continue reading

The Football Field of Your Mind - Part 2
How many of you/us struggle with anger? Well, what would you like to replace it with? Sometimes we don’t just let a situation roll off; like water off a duck. It is just like resisting sickness. Sometimes our system resists and we don’t ‘catch’ the cold. Sometimes our immune system is weaker and we ‘catch’ the cold. By that time, it has to go through our system and work itself out. For me, anger is alot like this...continue reading

Planning For Large Events
Planning a large event requires keeping track of many details – details that get lost if you don't get them out of your head and on paper! Here are helpful tips and a checklist to prepare for your next big event...continue reading